Ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to say that today I ticked off the "10km per week in training completely barefoot" goal I set for myself, and I'm quite proud of myself.

I've had a great week of barefoot running this thanks to some great autumnal weather and being on the early shift. Being on the early shift means I have to go for my runs later in the day, when it's warmer, from home rather than bright and early from work, when it's cold.

On Monday, I set off on the out-and-back route I've been using whenever I'd been running barefoot before, but when I reached the turnaround point, I decided I wouldn't. I decided to carry on all the way round the block (it's a 4.33km block) and I'm glad I did. The run was fantastic and my feet felt great.

Then on Wednesday, I did the route in reverse. Sadly, though I was a little over-eager and tried to go too fast. As a result my form was a bit poor and I developed a few blisters on my toes which needed dealing with in my usual way.

After Wednesday's exuberance, I'd resigned to running today in my Vibrams, but when the time came to run I found that my blister-healing trick had worked brilliantly and my feet felt great. So off I went and did the same course again, in the same direction as Monday, barefoot again. And it was just a good as Monday's.

So, 3x 4.33km makes it a nice 12.99km in a week and I tick off one more goal.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do this sort of distance next week from work - some of the pavements round work are quite aggressive on the old feet, but we'll see. I'll certainly get in at least 12km next week, though maybe not all barefoot. The early morning cold is also likely to be a factor.