Note this is how you recover from Comrades:…

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Note this is how you recover from Comrades: a great pale ale from @darlingbrew, a cool sea breeze and an amazing view

Woohoo! Did it! sub-7:30 to get the silver…

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Woohoo! Did it! sub-7:30 to get the silver medal I've been wanting. Got the back-to-back too

Nope No turning back now #run #comrades2018

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Nope. No turning back now.

Taking a quick test stop in Arthur’s seat…

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Taking a quick test stop in Arthur’s seat

I've Finally Joined The Sub-17 5k Club

16:56 5k PB Continue reading →

Great @ComradesRace training run Aimed for somewhere between…

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Great @ComradesRace training run. Aimed for somewhere between 2:50 and 2:55 and hit it bang on 2:52:30

Looky looky My first championship start at the…

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Looky looky. My first championship start at the

My #LondonMarathon  morning race prep is perfect prep for @ComradesRace: I’m sitting here in my pants waiting for the UltraSun sun cream to sink in 🤣

Kit photo for tomorrow's #londonmarathon Give me a…

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Kit photo for tomorrow's . Give me a wave and shout when you see me… I plan to be somewhere near the back of the front 😁

Cancelled Reading Half Review

Ran the cancelled Reading half today and was bitterly disappointed by the race. It was very cold, snowy ❄️ and icy so I started just before the 5 mile mark and made my way around the route. Continue reading →

BBC Radio 4 Eat to Run

I discovered three interesting episodes of The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 the other day via a link I saw discussing the episode about running on LCHF which included an interview with Tim Noakes. Continue reading →

Race Report: Seville Marathon 2018

Seville Marathon Late last year I planned out my racing schedule for the "big races" up to and including the Comrades Marathon and planned to run three marathons in my build up: Seville, London and Milton Keynes, with Seville and Milton Keynes being training runs to assess my progress and London being a race for a new PB. Seville was also to act as my Comrades qualifier as I didn't run an autumn marathon and needed to get one in early and was planing to use it to get my A seeding too. This Sunday I hit the roads and ran the Seville marathon. The build up was 💩, the race itself turned out to go a lot better than expected. Continue reading →

3:04:20 at the Seville Marathon off bugger all…

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3:04:20 at the Seville Marathon off bugger all training. This is gonna hurt in the morning 😬

If you see advice to do eccentric calf "raises" for achilles tendonosis/paratendonitis, do at least twice as many as recommended. I was doing 120-150 a day and felt no difference. Upped to 300+ in sets of 100 and what a difference. I felt my achilles stop creaking around about the 250th rep.

It's Far Too Early to Get Serious About Comrades Training!

As I slowly go from running to not and back again due to a niggly right achilles tendon, this worthy bit of advice from the king of Comrades, Bruce Fordyce, appeared in my feed reader: Continue reading →

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