BBC Radio 4 Eat to Run

I discovered three interesting episodes of The Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 the other day via a link I saw discussing the episode about running on LCHF which included an interview with Tim Noakes. Continue reading →

Race Report: Seville Marathon 2018

Seville Marathon Late last year I planned out my racing schedule for the "big races" up to and including the Comrades Marathon and planned to run three marathons in my build up: Seville, London and Milton Keynes, with Seville and Milton Keynes being training runs to assess my progress and London being a race for a new PB. Seville was also to act as my Comrades qualifier as I didn't run an autumn marathon and needed to get one in early and was planing to use it to get my A seeding too. This Sunday I hit the roads and ran the Seville marathon. The build up was 💩, the race itself turned out to go a lot better than expected. Continue reading →

3:04:20 at the Seville Marathon off bugger all…

Instagram - BfnfkeplA-R

3:04:20 at the Seville Marathon off bugger all training. This is gonna hurt in the morning 😬

If you see advice to do eccentric calf "raises" for achilles tendonosis/paratendonitis, do at least twice as many as recommended. I was doing 120-150 a day and felt no difference. Upped to 300+ in sets of 100 and what a difference. I felt my achilles stop creaking around about the 250th rep.

It's Far Too Early to Get Serious About Comrades Training!

As I slowly go from running to not and back again due to a niggly right achilles tendon, this worthy bit of advice from the king of Comrades, Bruce Fordyce, appeared in my feed reader: Continue reading →

2017 in Summary

I've just got home from my first run of the year and what better time to take a quick look back at what last year involved in my world of running. Continue reading →

Doing the London Marathon next year? Plan on following one of the 18 week plans from Advanced Marathoning by Peter Pfitzinger &‎ Scott Douglas? Good news, your training starts today 🙂

It was a little damp at today's Mapledurham…

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It was a little damp at today's Mapledurham 10 (Ever tried to take a selfie of you own calves?)

I know I've got a Championship entry for next year's London Marathon but I think the peeps at RealBuzz Registrations are being a little optimistic about my abilities… Unreal expectations Not even Eliud Kipchoge can accurately complete the reg form 😂. The same problem exists for the predicted finish time and both fields are required. Problem solved with a little help of Chrome's Developer Tools to change the 1 to a 2 - I didn't want to set insane expectations of a sub-2 marathon 😂

London Marathon 2018 Championship Entry Confirmed

I received a lovely email this morning:

London Marathon 2018 Championship Entry confirmation

See you all at the championship start at the London Marathon next year.

I'm definitely not doing parkrun tomorrow. I've had a few too many beers tonight and it's time to go fight jet lag and sleep instead.

Smiling Makes You a More Efficient Runner

Still, the idea that you can improve running economy—a trait that’s notoriously difficult to improve by “fixing” your running form—simply by smiling is remarkable. The most likely explanation is that smiling primes a more relaxed emotional state, in turn reducing sympathetic nervous system activity (which can influence heart rate) and muscle tension, allowing you to run more efficiently. There’s lots more research needed to confirm that idea, but for now, it’s a pretty low-risk intervention to try. Maybe someone will even smile back.
Smiling Makes You a More Efficient Runner

Continue reading →

Does High Mileage Result in Faster Marathon Times?

Jason Fitzgerald over at Strength Running posted an interesting article today, How Much Mileage Should You Run During Marathon Training? that emphasises a great point: Continue reading →

Strava Looks Like Twitter Now

I was thinking just the other day that I've not seen much in the way of changes or enhancements to Strava other than the odd tweak here and there. I was starting to get the feeling that they were taking peep's cash and keeping things ticking over whilst sponsoring events and athletes in the name of growing their brand without actually offering any new features or enhancements to their paying users. Continue reading →

I started my long run this morning with…

Instagram - BaRzspClGEa

I started my long run this morning with a fireball sunrise. You?

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