• Finished my first ever 100k week of rowing today. It was all done as steady-state at 18-20spm limiting my HR to 145bpm so very much in the easy cardio “UT2” zone. I really enjoyed this experiment and may do it again soon. I’ll be rewarding myself with a run tomorrow.

    • Row’d Royalty workout 4: Flight to the Finale (747)

      7000m, 4min, 7000m w/o rest, scored for time on the 7s and distance on the 4. Now this is my kind of challenge… pure endurance. I might have sandbagged it a bit at the beginning 😛

    • Row’d Royalty workout 3: F-2020!!

      3x 2021m w/ 2min RI. Score is the total time including the two rests. Got my strategy on point for a great workout. Definitely the tightest so far.

    • Row’d Royalty workout 2: 10 Minutes To Midnight

      Row as far as possible in 10 minutes. Pretty chuffed and even hit 2k bang on 7 minutes.

    • My First Rowing Competition: Row'd Royalty 2021

      Row'd Royalty 2021 Throughout this whole 🦠 pandemic last year and into this year I've avoided all virtual running events as they felt contrived, didn't have the excitement of a real event and it didn't feel right to pay for someone to send me a for challenging myself during training. I didn't even contemplate rowing challenges as "I'm not a rower". I was going to continue with this stance until Row’d Royalty Starts Today! appeared in my blogroll this morning which caught my attention from the very first paragraph:

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    • What's Up for 2021?

      In years gone by, I've started the year with a post reviewing the previous year's training and racing and finished off with my plans for that year. Not this year because we all know 2020 was a complete write off thanks to COVID-19 🦠 so I'm not going to summarise the year at all - there's nothing to write about. Instead I'm going to concentrate on the future only.

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    • Experimented with the new TrainingPeaks to Coros workout sync functionality today and it works well. The only part that doesn't seem to work yet is Coros doesn't seem to support open-ended segments, ie those with the "End step on lap button" setting enabled.

    • I'm so glad I'm not running the delayed London Marathon today. I'd be soaked through to my rods and freezing my 🥜 off before the race even started.

    • 30 Burpees A Day for 30 Days

      People have been doing all sorts of challenges to keep themselves entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown and ongoing pandemic. I quickly wrote off doing the same at the start of lockdown as a) I always work from home and would still be working as normal during the lockdown so wouldn't need to entertain myself and b) I exercise pretty much every day as it is without needing any additional motivation like a crazy challenge.

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    • Instagram - CFwy78fJcrI

      Pretended to be @dcrainmaker on my run today by running with 2 watches to see how the new @corosglobal Pace 2 compares to the FR945. Impressive so far. @smashrunhq it would be 🥰 if you could sync with Coros too.

    • Instagram - CFXbsXlpNxX

      I’m a little disappointed to have used my last 50% investor discount on these @vivobarefoot shoes, only because they’re so comfy I should have bought many pairs.

    • I took my oldest pair of zero-drop trainers out for their first outing in a very long time today: my bare 👣. It was wonderful 😁.

    • And then there were none. 😭 Now that London has been cancelled, I have no more marathons or even races this year. I think I'll use the rest of the year to sort out my left leg/shin issue once and for all and come back fighting next year.

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