• If you’re one of those people that planned to do all the marathon majors in one year this year, you’re in for one heck of an autumn… Boston on 14 Sep, Berlin on 27 Sep, London on 4 Oct, Chicago on 11 Oct and New York in 1 Nov. 5 marathons in 7 weeks 😱

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      Into the sub-7minute for 2000m rowing club I go 🥳

    • Did my longest and toughest Zwift session this morning - the long Sweet Spot Training workout - and sweated like never before. I ended up with a huge sweat puddle on the floor around the bike and wet shoes 🤭

    • Popped my Zwift 🍒

      I'm still fighting pain in my left shin/calf area (I'll go to the doc soon, promise 😉) so I'm still not running very much. I am however trying to build my fitness using the rower, SkiErg, Wattbike and swimming in the hope that when I can start running again, it's just a matter of reminding my legs what they need to do.

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    • We’re into the final hours of the year, decade and my own self-imposed month-long running hiatus. Legs are feeling good and I am really looking forward to my run tomorrow morning.

    • Today’s Valencia Marathon was my last race for the year and it went really well considering my lack of training due to injury. Now it’s time for full recovery and repair mode and working out why I got injured in the first place. I’m considering seeing a sports physio too.

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      Good morning Valencia. Time for a marathon around the city.

    • I’m really glad the London Marathon has a two year window for qualification for good for age and championship entries. This year has been a bit of a dud due to injury but I can still use my 2:39 from last year to qualify for next year’s championship entry, which I’ve done.

    • I’ve just realised the beauty (cunningness) of Nike’s marketing machine around the Vaporfly 4% and now Next %: run once, and probably set a PB, in them and you’re going to have to keep buying their expensive shoes just to remain competitive in your new “bracket”.

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      Was forced to walk during my run this morning by the unruly youths hogging the path 😂🤣

    • On my run today… I saw 4 dogs (patted 1), 1 cat (fussed it), 5 male pheasants (scared them all), a field of alpaca (too far away to touch) & a red kite trying to carry away a dead animal that was way too heavy for it. That folks is why I love my early morning long runs.

    • Something “happened” or more precisely didn’t happen on my run today… the niggle in my left shin mostly went away 11k into the run and is mostly gone a few hours after. 🤞 this is a sign of it finally going away.

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      What a way to start your first longish training run in months.

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      Race recovery Portuguese-style… beer and a pasteis de nata 😋

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      Lisbon Marathon: Done! And in a pretty good time (3:12:07) considering I’ve been injured and barely run for over two months. Guess have a lot in the tank and all that time in gym helps in the long run.

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      I’m on the packed 6:15am artificial warmup train (this much DeepHeat in the morning can’t be good for you) to Cascais for the start of the Lisbon Marathon and I’ve never been more unprepared for a marathon in my life 😐

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      Winner!! Winner!! Chicken Dinner!! My first race victory came today at the Round Reading Ultra Marathon 50k (RRUM50). I only did it for the rum 😂🤣

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