• I’m Baaaaack

      I’m happy to announce I’m officially back to my proper running ways and it feels great!! No more leg pains 🥳 I’ve run four times this week and covered 86km without any issues. Today’s long run of 36km was glorious. I’ve also cycled 133km this week 😁 so this combo is defo working. I’m starting to think my leg pains were due to RED-S (yes, it affects men too though not as severely as women) as the biggest change I’ve made recently is to start fuelling my runs and rides. No more low carb exercising for me, so much so I’m now even pushing my gut for maximum consumption per hour without making a mess of myself.

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    • Experienced my first ever RTA on my 🚲 yesterday, 1 hr into a planned 3 hr ride. Thankfully it was a slow moving one which only resulted in a bendy wheel and nothing else. I was mostly 🤬 because I couldn’t finish my ride and have my planned toasty at Velolife. New 🛞 in the 📮

    • New 🚲 pron. More deets coming 🔜

    • Tomorrow is new bike day!!! It’s my first new bike in over 10 years. It’s also my first full carbon bike. I’m so excited 🤗 #MilkingCycle2WorkScheme

    • Feeling big time FOMO sitting in The Nag’s Head (my fav pub) in Reading watching peeps hobble about after today’s Reading half 😢

    • An old shelf and my bike work stand makes a great cheap laptop stand for indoor cycling.

    • My old age is forcing me to be less of a runner and more of a “mostly low impact athlete that does a bit of running”. I’ve ordered a new bike on the Cycle2Work scheme and a turbo for in the garage when it gets too chilly to ride on the roads. All to go with the rower I bought last year.

    • Finished my first ever 100k week of rowing today. It was all done as steady-state at 18-20spm limiting my HR to 145bpm so very much in the easy cardio “UT2” zone. I really enjoyed this experiment and may do it again soon. I’ll be rewarding myself with a run tomorrow.

    • Row’d Royalty workout 4: Flight to the Finale (747)

      7000m, 4min, 7000m w/o rest, scored for time on the 7s and distance on the 4. Now this is my kind of challenge… pure endurance. I might have sandbagged it a bit at the beginning 😛

    • Row’d Royalty workout 3: F-2020!!

      3x 2021m w/ 2min RI. Score is the total time including the two rests. Got my strategy on point for a great workout. Definitely the tightest so far.

    • Row’d Royalty workout 2: 10 Minutes To Midnight

      Row as far as possible in 10 minutes. Pretty chuffed and even hit 2k bang on 7 minutes.

    • My First Rowing Competition: Row'd Royalty 2021

      Row'd Royalty 2021 Throughout this whole 🦠 pandemic last year and into this year I've avoided all virtual running events as they felt contrived, didn't have the excitement of a real event and it didn't feel right to pay for someone to send me a for challenging myself during training. I didn't even contemplate rowing challenges as "I'm not a rower". I was going to continue with this stance until Row’d Royalty Starts Today! appeared in my blogroll this morning which caught my attention from the very first paragraph:

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