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      What a way to start your first longish training run in months.

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      Race recovery Portuguese-style… beer and a pasteis de nata 😋

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      Lisbon Marathon: Done! And in a pretty good time (3:12:07) considering I’ve been injured and barely run for over two months. Guess have a lot in the tank and all that time in gym helps in the long run.

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      I’m on the packed 6:15am artificial warmup train (this much DeepHeat in the morning can’t be good for you) to Cascais for the start of the Lisbon Marathon and I’ve never been more unprepared for a marathon in my life 😐

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      Winner!! Winner!! Chicken Dinner!! My first race victory came today at the Round Reading Ultra Marathon 50k (RRUM50). I only did it for the rum 😂🤣

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      TIL: I'm not allowed to sleep for 8hrs and 10mins a night on @trainingpeaks 9.7.1 (and earlier) on iOS. 8:09? Fine. 8:11? Marvy. 8:10? Nope. 🤣

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      Got me a new toy today 🤩

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      The "nice round numbers" obsessive in me really wants to go out for another 500m run. The runner in me says "Anything less than 20mins is not a run". The beer in me says "Nope". 🤣

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      🏃‍♂️: Oooo, a 🦌 in a farmer's field next to the woods. 🦌: Oooo, a 🏃‍♂️ in the woods next to a farmer's field.

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      My "I've just won the battle, I think I might go 🤮 once I'm done smiling" face 🤣😂

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      Rain or shine, this is all I need. Bring it on Boston!! For those watching at home… Wave 1. Corral 1. 10:02 start, just behind the really fast guys. Don't miss me.

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      They were handing out these posters at the Boston Marathon expo. Carried it all around town unsure what the pic was. Got to our AirBnb and found it was just a list of everyone’s names. Found my name. Binned it. A wall at the expo would have done the job

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      I think Dunkin think you can out-run a bad diet.

    • The be-all-and-end-all of cycling is POWER and FTP. I like to cycle but no where near enough to warrant buying a power meter for my bike, however I do run enough to get a power meter for my feet, and that's what I've done. I splashed out on a STRYD power meter. It arrived this morning and took about 10 minutes to setup, update and connect to my phone and Garmin Forerunner 735XT, just before heading out for my run today. It's too early to tell if this is any good and if running by power is a good way to train but I'm certainly open to experimenting. Will run with it as an additional bit of info gathering until after Boston and will then start looking into training by power to see how it goes. Who knows, my next PB may be power-based.

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      Barcelona Marathon here we go. Should be interesting with tender ribs from a recent "fall"

    • 2018 in Summary

      Wow!! Look at that, 2019 already 😱 and I've just finished my first run of the year. It feels like it was only yesterday that I wrote up my 2017 in Summary post so I guess it's time to sum up what was definitely my best year of running, ever. I ran faster and further than I ever have and am really pleased with my efforts last year.

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      Time to send my first ever pair of @altrarunning shoes to the big shoe heaven in the sky. 2560.7km later and I can see daylight through the bottom of the left.

    • Race Report: Chester Marathon 2018

      If you've been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed I got a little potty mouthed recently and there's good reason for that: the Chester Marathon. My fastest and best executed marathon EVER at the ripe old age of 39!! I should have been running these times as a 20 year old, if I hadn't shipped my 🍑 across the world in the quest of fame and fortune, I mean a job, and taken a 10.5 year hiatus from running.

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