• Experienced my first ever RTA on my 🚲 yesterday, 1 hr into a planned 3 hr ride. Thankfully it was a slow moving one which only resulted in a bendy wheel and nothing else. I was mostly 🤬 because I couldn’t finish my ride and have my planned toasty at Velolife. New 🛞 in the 📮

    • New 🚲 pron. More deets coming 🔜

    • Tomorrow is new bike day!!! It’s my first new bike in over 10 years. It’s also my first full carbon bike. I’m so excited 🤗 #MilkingCycle2WorkScheme

    • Feeling big time FOMO sitting in The Nag’s Head (my fav pub) in Reading watching peeps hobble about after today’s Reading half 😢

    • An old shelf and my bike work stand makes a great cheap laptop stand for indoor cycling.

    • My old age is forcing me to be less of a runner and more of a “mostly low impact athlete that does a bit of running”. I’ve ordered a new bike on the Cycle2Work scheme and a turbo for in the garage when it gets too chilly to ride on the roads. All to go with the rower I bought last year.

    • Finished my first ever 100k week of rowing today. It was all done as steady-state at 18-20spm limiting my HR to 145bpm so very much in the easy cardio “UT2” zone. I really enjoyed this experiment and may do it again soon. I’ll be rewarding myself with a run tomorrow.

    • Row’d Royalty workout 4: Flight to the Finale (747)

      7000m, 4min, 7000m w/o rest, scored for time on the 7s and distance on the 4. Now this is my kind of challenge… pure endurance. I might have sandbagged it a bit at the beginning 😛

    • Row’d Royalty workout 3: F-2020!!

      3x 2021m w/ 2min RI. Score is the total time including the two rests. Got my strategy on point for a great workout. Definitely the tightest so far.

    • Row’d Royalty workout 2: 10 Minutes To Midnight

      Row as far as possible in 10 minutes. Pretty chuffed and even hit 2k bang on 7 minutes.

    • My First Rowing Competition: Row'd Royalty 2021

      Row'd Royalty 2021 Throughout this whole 🦠 pandemic last year and into this year I've avoided all virtual running events as they felt contrived, didn't have the excitement of a real event and it didn't feel right to pay for someone to send me a for challenging myself during training. I didn't even contemplate rowing challenges as "I'm not a rower". I was going to continue with this stance until Row’d Royalty Starts Today! appeared in my blogroll this morning which caught my attention from the very first paragraph:

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    • What's Up for 2021?

      In years gone by, I've started the year with a post reviewing the previous year's training and racing and finished off with my plans for that year. Not this year because we all know 2020 was a complete write off thanks to COVID-19 🦠 so I'm not going to summarise the year at all - there's nothing to write about. Instead I'm going to concentrate on the future only.

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