• I took my oldest pair of zero-drop trainers out for their first outing in a very long time today: my bare 👣. It was wonderful ☺️.

    • And then there were none. 😭 Now that London has been cancelled, I have no more marathons or even races this year. I think I'll use the rest of the year to sort out my left leg/shin issue once and for all and come back fighting next year.

    • And then there was one. The last man standing in this year's marathon majors, and the last race on my list of races for this years, is the London Marathon after Chicago cancelled last night. There's actually a chance this could still go ahead 🤞.

    • Boooo!!! The New York Marathon has been cancelled. TBH I'm not really surprised, but I was ever hopeful. Lets see what happens with London and Chicago.

    • I've just finished another longest run since the Valencia Marathon and closed off my biggest month since July last year. It was only 257km which is a long way off the 487km I did in July, but it's significantly more than I've run since. I think I might finally be back into running. 🎉 Gonna back off next week, perform a critical power test, and then push for a few 100km weeks in the second half of June.

    • I've just finished my longest run since the Valencia marathon on 1 December without any pain or discomfort and it was a really enjoyable run. I also ended my biggest week of mileage since early November. I think this softly softly catchy monkey approach to getting back to running that I'm doing right now seems to be working.

    • 2019 In Summary (BLTN)

      Four and a half months into 2020 and I'm finally getting around to writing about what there was of my 2019 running season. To be honest, I've really not had the urge to write about my running as it's hard to when you can barely get around the block without wincing, but things are finally on the up, so here you go, the better late than never (BLTN) summary of my 2019 season.

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    • If you’re one of those people that planned to do all the marathon majors in one year this year, you’re in for one heck of an autumn… Boston on 14 Sep, Berlin on 27 Sep, London on 4 Oct, Chicago on 11 Oct and New York in 1 Nov. 5 marathons in 7 weeks 😱

    • Into the sub-7minute for 2000m rowing club I…

      Into the sub-7minute for 2000m rowing club I go 🥳

    • Did my longest and toughest Zwift session this morning - the long Sweet Spot Training workout - and sweated like never before. I ended up with a huge sweat puddle on the floor around the bike and wet shoes 🤭

    • Popped my Zwift 🍒

      I'm still fighting pain in my left shin/calf area (I'll go to the doc soon, promise 😉) so I'm still not running very much. I am however trying to build my fitness using the rower, SkiErg, Wattbike and swimming in the hope that when I can start running again, it's just a matter of reminding my legs what they need to do.

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    • We’re into the final hours of the year, decade and my own self-imposed month-long running hiatus. Legs are feeling good and I am really looking forward to my run tomorrow morning.

    • Today’s Valencia Marathon was my last race for the year and it went really well considering my lack of training due to injury. Now it’s time for full recovery and repair mode and working out why I got injured in the first place. I’m considering seeing a sports physio too.

    • Good morning Valencia Time for a marathon around…

      Good morning Valencia. Time for a marathon around the city.

    • I’m really glad the London Marathon has a two year window for qualification for good for age and championship entries. This year has been a bit of a dud due to injury but I can still use my 2:39 from last year to qualify for next year’s championship entry, which I’ve done.

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