I'm definitely not doing parkrun tomorrow. I've had a few too many beers tonight and it's time to go fight jet lag and sleep instead.

Smiling Makes You a More Efficient Runner

Still, the idea that you can improve running economy—a trait that’s notoriously difficult to improve by “fixing” your running form—simply by smiling is remarkable. The most likely explanation is that smiling primes a more relaxed emotional state, in turn reducing sympathetic nervous system activity (which can influence heart rate) and muscle tension, allowing you to run more efficiently. There’s lots more research needed to confirm that idea, but for now, it’s a pretty low-risk intervention to try. Maybe someone will even smile back.
Smiling Makes You a More Efficient Runner

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Does High Mileage Result in Faster Marathon Times?

Jason Fitzgerald over at Strength Running posted an interesting article today, How Much Mileage Should You Run During Marathon Training? that emphasises a great point: Continue reading →

Strava Looks Like Twitter Now

I was thinking just the other day that I've not seen much in the way of changes or enhancements to Strava other than the odd tweak here and there. I was starting to get the feeling that they were taking peep's cash and keeping things ticking over whilst sponsoring events and athletes in the name of growing their brand without actually offering any new features or enhancements to their paying users. Continue reading →

I started my long run this morning with…

Instagram - BaRzspClGEa

I started my long run this morning with a fireball sunrise. You?

Utilities for Strava and Garmin Connect

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My mum will be so proud of me,…

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My mum will be so proud of me, I went to church this morning 😜

Fixing My Tender Achilles and Heels

I've been struggling with tender achilles and heels ever since Comrades and really haven't managed to get back into full swing running as a result. That is until I discovered this exercise… Continue reading →

Comrades Back-to-Back Here I Come

Comrades 2018

I said I'd be back and I will be. I've just entered next year's Comrades marathon and will be going for my back-to-back medal. I might aim for a Silver medal whilst I'm at it too.

Now to get over this bloody achilles tendinopathy. It's kept me out of full time training since Comrades this year. 😢

barefootrunner.co.uk is now gonefora.run

The time has come for me to acknowledge that I'm not worthy of being called a barefoot runner anymore 😞, and haven't been for quite some time. Accordingly, it appropriate that it's about time I change the name and domain of this site. I've changed a few colours here and there and optimised the site a bit too.

I'll continue writing all about running as I find things interesting and will still keep barefoot, natural and minimalist running in my repertoire, it'll just no longer be the name of this site.

Woohoo!!! After a bit of a delay, the…

Instagram - BX43cgrFIP9

Woohoo!!! After a bit of a delay, the "thanks for investing in @vivobarefoot" metal casts of my feet have arrived.

A Proper Racing Flat Coming From Altra

Earlier this year I was in the market for a new pair of zero-drop racing flats to replace my last pair of aging and very thoroughly worn Inov-8 Road X-treme 138s. I searched the net high and low and didn't find very much so I turned to Twitter… Continue reading →

Race Report: Comrades 2017 - An Up-run

Start of Comrades 2017 With just short of 2600km of dedicated training and racing over six months in my legs, I embarked upon the final test of all my training, and the ultimate purpose of it all: the Comrades Marathon, and what a fantastic race and event it was. Continue reading →

New 300m World Record

Keep your eyes on this chappy, Wayde Van Niekerk from South Africa, over the next few years. He's proving to be quite the athlete and I think we may be seeing him on more and more podiums.

Watch him breeze through 300m to set a new world record…

Just a small insignificant hill spotted on my…

Instagram - BVWwdz8lGaz

Just a small insignificant hill spotted on my run this morning

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