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      Barcelona Marathon here we go. Should be interesting with tender ribs from a recent "fall"

    • 2018 in Summary

      Wow!! Look at that, 2019 already 😱 and I've just finished my first run of the year. It feels like it was only yesterday that I wrote up my 2017 in Summary post so I guess it's time to sum up what was definitely my best year of running, ever. I ran faster and further than I ever have and am really pleased with my efforts last year.

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      Time to send my first ever pair of @altrarunning shoes to the big shoe heaven in the sky. 2560.7km later and I can see daylight through the bottom of the left.

    • Race Report: Chester Marathon 2018

      If you've been following this blog for a while, you may have noticed I got a little potty mouthed recently and there's good reason for that: the Chester Marathon. My fastest and best executed marathon EVER at the ripe old age of 39!! I should have been running these times as a 20 year old, if I hadn't shipped my 🍑 across the world in the quest of fame and fortune, I mean a job, and taken a 10.5 year hiatus from running.

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      I F*CKING DID IT!!! 2:39:46 chip time, 30th place, and a massive PB by nearly 3mins!! I think I can retire from youngster running now. V40 here I come.

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      All set for my last marathon as a youngster at tomorrow's @chester_marathon 🤞for a PB too

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      Woohoo!! Spring break in Boston!!! Stepping up an age category has its advantages 😁

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      Confirmation all the strength work and plyometrics are paying off. Only 28671 steps to cover 33.82km making my moderate pace stride length ~118cm

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      I don't think I've ever seen this before… First 5 in increasing age category by position @dintonparkrun today /cc @tomwilliams1974 cos you like number things like this

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      Note this is how you recover from Comrades: a great pale ale from @darlingbrew, a cool sea breeze and an amazing view

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      Woohoo! Did it! sub-7:30 to get the silver medal I've been wanting. Got the back-to-back too

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      Nope. No turning back now.

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      Taking a quick test stop in Arthur’s seat

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      Great @ComradesRace training run. Aimed for somewhere between 2:50 and 2:55 and hit it bang on 2:52:30

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      Looky looky. My first championship start at the

    • My #LondonMarathon  morning race prep is perfect prep for @ComradesRace: I’m sitting here in my pants waiting for the UltraSun sun cream to sink in 🤣

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