I’m happy to announce I’m officially back to my proper running ways and it feels great!! No more leg pains 🥳 I’ve run four times this week and covered 86km without any issues. Today’s long run of 36km was glorious. I’ve also cycled 133km this week 😁 so this combo is defo working. I’m starting to think my leg pains were due to RED-S (yes, it affects men too though not as severely as women) as the biggest change I’ve made recently is to start fuelling my runs and rides. No more low carb exercising for me, so much so I’m now even pushing my gut for maximum consumption per hour without making a mess of myself.

The Chicago and New York marathons this year are on target to be very enjoyable, though now very fast. Maybe I’ll be back to good-for-age fitness in time for London next year.