Personal Bests

I was once a fast runner. Then I stopped, picked it up again, and now find myself a fast runner again. Here are my all time personal bests:

5K16:562 Jun '18
8K / 5M29:0515 Jun '16
10K34:0921 May '17
15K59:2910 Jan '99
10M57:5914 Apr '17
21.1K1:17:0219 Mar '17
42.2K2:39:4623 Sep '18
50K3:54:4628 Jul '18
56K4:48:2411 Apr '98
Comrades - Up7:55:164 Jun '17
Comrades - Down7:21:0310 Jun '18


Note: This is old information, but I'm keeping it here for posterity.

To try and motivate me and keep track of my running progress, since returning to running after an extended break, I drew up a list of goals I wanted to achieve. This was a progression from running with shoes to running without or in a pair of Vibrams or other minimalist "shoe". I'd run all of these distances, and further, in shoes and I wanted to do it barefoot or in minimalist shoes, in a slow and structured way so as not to burn out or injure myself.

I didn't put a target date on any of these as I didn't want to push myself or become a slave to my goals.

#Goal/DistanceDate Achieved
11km training run, 3x a week14 Jun '09 *
22km training run, 3x a week14 Jun '09 *
310km per week in training14 Jun '09 *
410km per week in training completely barefoot16 Oct '09
520km per week in training23 Oct '09
620km per week in training completely barefoot7 Mar '10
710km long training run7 Mar '10
815km long training run7 Aug '11
95km road race22 May '10 +
105km road race in under 20 mins (sub 4:00/km)29 May '10 +
115km race in under 19 mins2 Jun '12
125km race in under 18 mins25 Aug '12
1310km road race5 Jun '10
1410km road race in under 45 mins (sub 4:30/km)7 Jul '10
1510km road race in under 40 mins (sub 4:00/km)15 May '11
1621.1km road race1 Apr '12
1721.1km road race in under 90 mins (sub 4:15/km)1 Apr '12
1842.2km road race6 May '13
1942.2km road race in under 3 hours (sub 4:15/km)10 Oct '13
20The Comrades Marathon (before I'm 40)4 Jun '17, 10 Jun '18

* - This wasn't the actual date. This is just the date I realised I'd been doing it for a while and hadn't actually remembered to update this table. + - It was a race, but mainly on grass as opposed to on the road.