For the second week in a row that crazy nutter was there at the Reading Parkrun running without any shoes. Don't believe me? Well check out the photos (more here):

My Wife and Me I see you baby, shaking that ass
Just over 500m to go The Finish in a time of 19:41

Things were a lot cooler this week thanks to the clouds and light drizzle, but I think it was more conducive to running. I had a great run this morning, but unfortunately, I don't learn. Last week I mentioned I set off a bit fast, well this week I set off faster (3:25 for the first km) and found myself in the lead as we approached the bridge. It was at this point I realised I was being silly and backed off a bit and settled into a pace of around 4:00/km - the pace I planned on running the whole race at. To be honest, I don't think I could have kept up a pace much quicker thanks to my blistering start.

That said, I can't really grumble too much about my fast start as it meant I managed to smash a whopping 28 seconds off my time from last week setting a new personal best (PB). The overall pace of the race was a bit slower this week too, but I think everyone still had a great run.

So my results this week were:

Time: 19:41
Overall Position: 14 / 127
Age Category Position: 3rd

I think that's a good bit of speed work in preparation for Wednesday's Yateley 10k. I'll be doing that barefoot (though probably not anywhere near as fast as this 5k) so if you're there, watch out for the crazy fool - I'll be the one in the red shirt 😉

Oh yes, and don't forget: Comrades online tomorrow morning.