It's a glorious day in the south of the UK today. It's dry and sunny with a slight cool breeze blowing. I'd planned on going for a long run later today once the roads had warmed up a bit, but when I saw how gorgeous it was outside, I couldn't hold myself back and headed out a little earlier than planned.

What a fantastic run. I'd originally planned on only running about 8km, but before I knew it I'd already clocked up 6km and was about 4km from home. I could probably have carried on further, but given 8km was my previous longest barefoot run, I thought it best to head back home.

When I got home, I sync'd up my Garmin Forerunner 405CX (note to self, I really should write about my new toy some time) with Garmin Connect (leaves a lot to be desired, but it happens automatically) and my FetchEveryone account. Whilst checking my log on FetchEveryone I noticed I'd managed to tick off two of my goals this week:

  • 20km per week in training completely barefoot
  • 10km long training run

I'm quite chuffed with this and believe it's all down to switching to ONLY running barefoot since the beginning of February. This has definitely allowed me to run further and with more ease than when switching between Vibrams and barefoot.

Oh yes, on a side note: if you want to check your barefoot form, head down to Thames Valley Park. The grassy bit along the Thames where they do the Reading Park Run (on my todo list) is very wet and soggy in places. You'll very easily be able to tell if your pushing off or landing incorrectly as your feet slip and slosh through all the mud 🙂 . On the plus side, I think it's quite a magical feeling feeling the mud squelch between my toes.