Well folks, today just wasn't my day. Didn't get even close to sub-3 hours, let alone the 2:55 I had in mind. I was well on target until just before half-way when my right knee said "Sorry boyks, no 2:55 for you today". Then with about 5km to go my calves very loudly told me "You can write off the sub-3:15 too". In the end I hobbled round the stadium (it was quite embarrassing) and across the line in 124th place and a disappointing 3:22:50. So it looks like no London 2014 for me. All is not bad though, it's a PB by a whopping 49 minutes.

Update: 3:22:50 is my gun time. Chip time and ergo new PB is 3:22:40. Those 10 seconds count 😉