I watched this live this morning on the BBC and must say I was on the edge of my seat. This was probably the most gripping 10,000m race I've watched and oh so close for Mo Farah. I think if he leaves his kick until 400m to go (instead of about 500m in this race) he'll get the Olympic gold.

Pete Larson makes an interesting observation about the stride rate too...

During the final straightaway to the finish, if you start when the race time is at 27:04.5, Jeilan takes 32.5 steps over about 9 seconds to the finish line, for a cadence of 216.67 steps/min. Over the same distance, Farah takes 31.5 steps in about 9.3 seconds, for a cadence of 203.23 steps/min. What this suggests is that Jeilan was able to ramp up his turnover during the final stretch to catch up to and pass Mo Farah just before the finish line, whereas Farah’s turnover remained consistent. The one additional step gained by Jeilan by ramping his turnover up was enough for the win!

My money is on Mo Farah for the Olympic Gold in 2012. I'm not putting it on one of my birth-countrymen - the Saffer got lapped!!