About two thirds of the way into my long run today I somehow managed to trip over something and severely stub my toes. The result, some lovely blue/purple and tender toes...

Bruised Toes

I've got quite hideous looking feet to start off with - the stumpy looking middle toes has been that way since I hurt my foot last year - the added colouring doesn't make them any more appealing 🙂

I don't think they're broken as I can move them without any pain. I think they're just a little on the bruised side. Thankfully I was wearing my Merrells. Who knows that my toes would look like had I not been. Hopefully this won't affect my running too much. I managed to finish my run this morning which entailed about another 7km after the stubbing without any discomfort. We'll see how things are tomorrow. Time to go ice them.