Oooops, I've just realised I missed my own 1st barefoot anniversary. So...

Happy 1st Barefoot Anniversary to ME

Tuesday, 1 February was the big day. A whole year since I made the big decision to run completely barefoot as much as possible. I've not run all my runs and races barefoot in that time due to sensitivity, rough terrain, extreme temperatures, shoe reviews or because I really didn't feel like it, but well over 95% of my running has been completely barefoot since then.

It's been a great year and certainly a massive learning experience. The muscles in my feet are stronger than they've ever been. The skin on the bottom of my feet is becoming more and more like tough leather. My form is good and I know my running is the best it's been since I moved over to the UK. The last year hasn't all been a bed of roses, I did suffer what was probably a stress fracture in my 3rd metatarsal back in July, which in hindsight was probably due to the problems I've had with my right sacroiliac joint. Since visiting the physio and consequently paying a lot more attention to my core, I've had no problems with my feet and my right hip and lower back are considerably better. I think my running may have also improved as a result of the extra attention I've been paying to my core.

As I said back in January, my goals for this year are to continue running barefoot as much as possible and to concentrate on the 5km distance. I'll still be doing 10k races, but mainly for fun and training.

Just as well my wife has suggested a visit to our favourite pub (they always have on at least 6 real ales ;-p) for a few bevvies tonight. Think I may have to dedicate one as a celebratory drink.

Cheers everybody. I think this next year is going to be a good one.