Health CheckMonday night's episode of Health Check (listen here) on the BBC World Service covers the topic of barefoot running with the reporter taking a quick spin barefoot round a track (and surprises herself) and then follows up with an interview with Daniel Lieberman in which he briefly covers what he discusses in his recent paper. What is quite impressive is just how much coverage barefoot running gets in one programme: over 11 minutes of a 28 minute programme. Impressive.

The programme also discusses the human ability to run extreme distances and includes an interview with a complete nutter Tim Davie, one of the BBC's directors, following his recent completion of the Marathon Des Sables and gets some scientific input from Daniel Lieberman.

Quite an interesting programme and it's great to hear barefoot running getting some exposure on a reputable service like the BBC World Service. Maybe we'll see a lot more barefoot or minimalist runners off the back of this, or even in this year's London Marathon on Sunday morning.

The programme is available for international listeners too.