Just a quick note to say, no, I've not been sleeping under a rock (sleep, what's that?). Yes, I've heard about the Lieberman Paper and seen/heard the BBC news article and all the other summaries and opinions cropping up all over the net since it was released earlier this week, I've just not had the chance to actually sit down and read it, or more specifically the Harvard site setup for it, yet.

The thing is my wife and I have just had our first baby and sadly she's got a heart condition, so I've spent most of my free time (when I'm not cramming in 6 hours of solid work in the morning) travelling to and from Oxford (I live 35 miles away in Reading) every day to see my little one.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to read it in the next few days and post my own opinions on it. From the little bit I've read in various locations, my initial thoughts are: "It's about bloody time some one published a modern paper detailing one/some of the benefits of barefoot running" and "I told you so", but this is only based on second hand information.

Time for a beer, dinner, relaxation, and maybe some reading of this study on my iPod Touch instead of TV tonight, though I do now have a two rather interesting books to read too: Brain Training For Runners (I love subjects involving using the brain to better our lives - think Tony Buzan) and Why We Run. Naturally, both will get a review here once I'm done with them.