Well folks, it's sad to say that I won't be doing anymore barefoot running this year. Winter has finally set in and it's blarrrrry cold outside. Whilst we in the UK don't get the extreme cold and snow some other countries get, we do get a lot of rain which doesn't play well with the freezing cold on bare feet.

Now I must say, I'm not wussing out here, it's all for my own good. Very cold numb feet just don't feel the ground anywhere near as well as warmer feet do. As a result form is likely to go to pot and I'm then likely to rip my feet to shreds without even realising it. It was quite cold and wet on my last completely barefoot run and my feet took about 15 mins to warm up completely. It's much colder now so I don't expect my feet to warm up at all during a run, unless it's a very very long run.

All is not lost though: I'm not giving up minimalist running. I will still be heading out in my Vibrams. Whilst the Vibrams aren't waterproof, they do keep my feet sufficiently warm that any moisture that does enter my Vibrams soon warms up without numbing my entire foot.

If all goes well, my feet should be nice and strong come spring when I can kick off my shoes again and return to clocking up the miles completely barefoot.