I've just recently stumbled upon a great site dedicated to the world of "feet as they were designed to be—unshod and free" with a big dedication to Vibram Five Fingers - birthdayshoes.com.

If you're feeling apprehensive about going out in your Vibrams (you shouldn't be: I wear mine all the time when I'm not at work or barefoot and have only had 1 comment, from a toddler of all people), take a squizz through this site and see all the pictures people have submitted of them in their VFF. And once you've ventured out, send Justin a pic of your VFFd feet and get your feet on t'internet.

I've not done this yet as I haven't been anywhere interesting in them yet, but I plan to once I get back from my holiday in the Lake Annency region of French Alps next month.

(I have no affiliation with birthdayshoes.com, I just love the whole concept of VFFs and thought I'd share a link and show some link love)