South Africa has lost a famous marathoner I've never heard of...

(11-Nov) – Ferdinand Andries (“Ferdie”) Le Grange, who died on 29 October at the age of 65, was South Africa’s greatest marathon runner of the post-war era until the advent of Josiah Thugwane. Unlike Thugwane, Le Grange never had the opportunity to compete at the Olympic Games because of the international sports boycott against his country, but he was the first athlete to run a sub-2:20:00 marathon on the continent of Africa and set six South African marathon records – the only runner in history to do so more than twice.
South Africa Loses Famous Marathoner - Competitor Running

I'd never heard of this chap until this article and I'm very surprised and a bit disappointed. Yes, he retired (at the age of 25) from competitive running before I was born but his records and performances are pretty impressive even by today's standards. That said, I grew up in the "Bruce Fordyce gives Comrades another good hiding" era, so maybe that explains why he hasn't shown up on my radar until now.