I discovered another of Strava's experimental features the other day: FlyBy.

So what is it? It's a site that will let you know who you passed or "flew by" while you were out running or riding. It puts together all the logged runs that crossed or came very close to your uploaded run and then lets you replay your run/ride to see exactly where you passed the other runners.

Kind of cool but not really useful, except maybe to learn the name of the rude runner who didn't wave back on your long run this morning or to stalk the handsome/pretty man/lady who's derriere you gazed at non-stop for countless hours. Actually, that's a pretty good use… now you can work out precisely home long you were looking at her bum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Another useful feature is I can fire up LICEcap (a terrible gif screen capture tool but pretty good at what it does) and create a gif of today's Reading parkrun to show you how it went:

Reading parkrun on FlyBy

I'm the red one 😀.

I'm not sure this will become particularly popular but it's a nice way to kill a few minutes.