It's been a bit quiet round here over the past few weeks as I've been away from all computers, work and stressful stuff on a fantastic two week camping holiday in France.

We had a fantastic time, but more importantly, it was two whole weeks for me barefoot, or nearly barefoot, and it felt fantastic. I tried my hardest NOT to wear any shoes whenever possible and succeeded. In fact, today is the first day in 16 days in which I've had to put on a pair of shoes and socks (for work) and I must say I can't wait to get them off.

I spent most of the time barefoot whilst milling around the campsites and driving. I wore my Vibrams when out and about sight seeing (because barefoot isn't always appropriate) and cycling and I wore my cheap aging flipflops when the grass outside the tent was wet - my wife would go nuts if I even contemplated walking into the tent with muddy or wet feet/Vibrams 😀 .

Hanging Above Lac d'Annecy
Vibrams on hang glider launch ramp   Barefoot at Champagne Colin   Vibrams at the port at Bout-du-Lac

All in all it was fantastic, and great fun to see the looks on people's faces as I wondered around barefoot or in my Vibrams. The French kids loved the Vibrams, though surprisingly the Dutch kids didn't seem to fussed.