Week in Review: 1 - 7 Feb '16

As you can see from the image above, this hasn't been a week for running. I finished Sunday's run last week with a bit of tightness in my upper back between my shoulder blades. It was a wet long run in which I really got cold and put it down to hunching or tensing whilst running.

Monday was usual day off and my back remained tight, but not painful. Tuesday, things were still a bit tight but not enough to affect day-to-day activity so I went for my planned 4x 8 min intervals. This was a great run and I really enjoyed getting the leg turn over but towards the end of it it became clear my sore back was more than just tension and more likely a pinched nerve or something as things were border-line excruciating when it can to running again after the 4th RI.

And the pain just got worse as the afternoon progressed.

It's Sunday today. I'm in Austin, Texas and the sun is just coming up on what is likely to be a lovely day. I had planned of hitting the streets of Austin for three hours today, but my back is still tender and painful when lying on my back or doing any sudden movements. Sadly, this means no run today 😢 and for who knows how much longer. I want to run the Wokingham Half on the 21st so I won't be "testing the waters" until I'm sure the pain has gone.

I'm off to go cry into my big southern breakfast. 😢.