Week in Review: 11 - 17 Apr '16

This week I decided I'd bump up the mileage just a little more on my quest to one day running a 100 mile week (~161km). Instead of completely resting on Monday, I went for a very easy run and then bumped up the distances on each day by a kilometre or two. This worked well, and coupled with the fact I did very little in the way of intensity other than the up-and-downs on Thursday and parkrun on Saturday, turned out to be quite achievable without completely knackering me out.

Sunday's run was also a bit more of an effort than usual. I decided to ignore the HR range and instead bump up the pace for the middle third of the run. This was partly because I wanted to get in a bit of faster running on the long run, but also because it was a bit hillier so keeping my HR within range would have led to a significantly slower run and probably not the 37+km I ended up running. As it turned out, I ended up finishing my planned route 5 mins quicker than I thought I would, and that's with an additional extension to the run to round it out to a nice round figure.

This week will be a recovery week so I'll be backing off the mileage, though not too much. Probably down to around 100km. We'll see.