Week in Review: 11 - 17 Jul '16

I seemed to have managed to fight off whatever was attempting to take over my body last week and ended up with a great week of running.

Monday I felt pretty good on my two recovery runs. They were a little slow but that's to be expected from a recovery run.

Tuesday I did a MAF test, though I probably shouldn't have as the conditions weren't ideal and consistent with other tests - it rained on me and breezed in my face - and I'd just come out of a big mileage week which involved fighting off what I think was the onset of a cold.

That said, it wasn't a bad test and in the end only ever so slightly different, and slower than the last one in May. The first km was also traffic affected so came out ever so slightly slower than it should have.

All the training and fighting the lurgy doesn't seem to have had too much of an effect when it comes to my racing either. Wednesday I ran the second Yateley 10k of the year and I wanted to see if I could go quicker than last month by going for a more consistently paced race. I started off a little quicker than last month and then picked up the pace again in the second half.

This worked well and I finished 6 seconds quicker than last month. I also definitely noticed the effect picking up the pace in the first half in the second half, though it could have just been over-all tiredness rather than anything related to starting quicker.

Great run and I really enjoyed it and not only was I 6 seconds quicker, I finished a place higher too - 10th - thanks to my killer finish 😁.

Thursday was easy as scheduled and then Friday I did the scheduled medium long run with 10k at LTP, only to realise part way through that Wednesday's race should probably have counted as doing this. Oh well. The run wasn't too bad though I found it hard to keep up the pace towards the end. This is probably due to a bit of tiredness left over from Wednesday's race.

No run on Saturday as I spent the day sitting in airports and then flying across the Atlantic - in business class too, I was bumped at the gate 🙂 - to Denver for our annual company Summit in Colorado Springs.

And then we get to Sunday's run. Oh what a run. It was such a good run, it's got it's own post - I Ran America's Toughest Trail: The Manitou Incline.

A little shorter than last week and than planned but by no ways was this a bad week for training and I definitely don't think I've lost anything for skipping the run on Saturday.