Week in Review: 14 - 20 Nov '16

Another small week of running thanks to travel, jetlag and too much "I couldn't be arsed" 😁.

I started the week off in the US and couldn't really go for a run on Monday as I was flying back to the UK that evening and my suitcase was perfectly packed with no wiggle room to get my running kit out. Tuesday was completely lost to jetlag so it wasn't until Wednesday that I finally got out. Went for a leisurely longish run and felt pretty good.

Kept things nice and easy for the rest of the week and then headed down to TVP for parkrun on Saturday morning. It was a tad on the frosty side and as I wasn't wearing any gloves, relied upon the emo sleeves in my running jacket to keep my fingers warm. As a result I decided to run parkrun by feel and see how it went. Started off way to fast but soon got into a comfortable rhythm but didn't have the legs at the end to prevent myself getting pipped on the final stretch. This is normally my forté, but not this week.

Spent the afternoon in the pub with my wife and then carried on drinking when we got home so wasn't really in any fit state for a run on Sunday morning.

So whilst this week was a relatively short week, it was longer than the week before 😄. I plan to pick things up next week and get things back on track.