Week in Review: 15 - 21 Aug '16

Bumped the mileage back up this week after last week's racing and felt pretty good for it.

Started the week with two recovery runs which weren't too bad. Felt a little tired, but this can be expected following Sunday's race.

Tuesday it was intervals again and these went really well. I was expecting these to be tougher than they were. I started off with just over 5K at less than 144 BPM to warm up and then started the intervals. I started the first rep waaay too fast and felt it but slowed down and finished right on pace. Managed to keep all the others bang on pace too with the last two ever-so-slightly quicker. Overall a great session and in the end just tough enough to be a challenge but not so tough I couldn't complete the session at the desired paces.

Wednesday was dedicated to a medium long run of two hours. Nothing much to write about here. I just ticked over the miles enjoying my podcasts and the sunshine. I think these may be a big contributor to my improvements in this programme.

Thursday and Friday was a recovery run and and MAF run respectively with Saturday dedicated to parkrun. I wasn't going to do this given the distance I've run this week but thought, what the heck, lets give it a go. Not a bad run in the end but very windy.

Finished off the week with a long run. I woke up early on Sunday morning for my run and really didn't really feel like hitting the road. Then I remembered I'd gone to bed late after drinking way too many ciders watching the Olympics so that's probably why I wasn't feeling up for a run 🙂. It took about 20mins to shake that feeling off and get into a good comfy groove. Stuck around the 144 BPM HR range for just over an hour before picking up the pace to just slower than MP for an hour before finishing off keeping my HR around the 149 BPM range for the final 20mins.

Felt pretty good once I'd shaken off the initial sluggish start and had to fight the wind through most of the fast section of my run. Could probably have gone fast if there wasn't the wind.

All in all a good week and I didn't find bumping the mileage up again too challenging, even with the increased intensity runs.