Week in Review: 16 - 22 May '16

I'm on holiday so not much running but plenty of eating, drinking, swimming, walking, sunning and resting. That said, I did still get out for three decent runs this week.

Monday's run was a nice gentle saunter around the bay to see what's what and see how far I could get along the coast path. I cut things short here as the path started getting a bit challenging and I needed to get back fro breakfast.

Wednesday I scaled the big hill behind Port d'Alcúdia that is Puig de Sant Martí. This was a lovely run which took me from a metre below see level to over 210m above in the space of about 3km.

Today I got in a relatively long run. Started off nice and easy within MAF pace until I reached the outskirts of Can Picafort before turning around and heading back to the hotel. I knew this wasn't going to be a very long run so I upped the pace quite considerably for the return leg. Felt great and definitely think all this resting is doing me good.

I've dotted in a few long swims too. Unusually, the hotel has a 35m pool, which is very quiet, so getting in a long swim here and there is really easy and really enjoyable. I'm often the only person in the pool. It's been a while since I put in some good swimming mileage and I've dropped right back into the rhythm and easily tick over the laps.

All in all, a good relaxing week of mixing up the running with relaxing, walking and swimming. 17 weeks to Berlin now so I may pick up the mileage a bit next week in preparation for getting back to the grind-stone the week after when I'm back home.