Week in Review: 18 - 24 Jan '16

Well look at that 100k run this week. Not bad at all, especially considering it was my birthday week.

Yup, I turned a nice prime 37 years old and ensured I had a good week too. Did loads of running but also drank a fair few beers and glasses of wine and munched on way more carbs than I normally do. The only detrimental effects I've noticed over the week is my HRV morning readiness readings have tanked from around 70-72 to 64-68 and my runs start off a lot more sluggish. As I suspected last week, my HRV is definitely affected by the amount of alcohol I drink the night before.

It's not all over yet. I've got birthday pub lunch today at a pub that does an amazing full roast so it'll be more beer and carbs for me today, but it'll be back onto the wagon next week.

I've now done four weeks of increasing distance so next week will be a back-off week with a MAF test. I'm also considering introducing a single intensity session a week in the form of a parkrun on a Saturday. Will see how the MAF test goes.