Week in Review: 24 - 30 Oct '16

Recovery week!!! Even though I felt OK on Monday I decided it was best to take the day off to really kickstart the recovery process. I then kept things nice and easy for the rest of the week, trying my hardest not to go for a run when I didn't need one or going too fast or too far.

This worked well so when it came to running parkrun on Saturday, in San Francisco, I felt really good and had a really great run finishing in a very respectible time of 17:21, my fastest ever time at Crissy Field parkrun. I even had the legs to then run the 10+k back to my AirBnb along the Embarcadero.

No run on Sunday as it was tipping it down with rain when jetlag kicked me out of my slumber at 3:30am and it didn't stop until well past midday by which time I no longer fancied a run. Spent the rest of the day relaxing and walking around San Francisco instead.

All in all I think I did a good job of relaxing and recovering this week. I've been a little naughty on the food and drink side of things, but I think I've deserved it 😉.