Week in Review: 25 - 31 Jan '16

I'm really liking this MAF training right now. I'm getting quite a bit quicker as Tuesday's MAF test confirmed and I'm not really finding the running particularly taxing in the long run, hence this week's easy/recovery week still ended up with just over 80km or running.

The running for the week was good though today's long run ended up feeling like a trudge. It all started well but then it started to rain and the breeze picked up which soon left me very wet and very cold. I think the wind and cold also led to hunching and tensing as the muscles in my upper back are really tense now.

This week I also started to introduce this little strength routine after my shorter runs. I've only done one set twice and so far so good. It's a nice short little routine that fits in nicely at the end of a run. Will see how I get on with this in the coming weeks and months.