Week in Review: 25 - 31 Jul '16

Wow!!! What a great week of running.

Took things easy Monday and Tuesday before breaking out the interval session on Wednesday. This was pretty tough but very enjoyable - it's great to throw in a tough session every once in a while.

I kept things nice and easy for the rest of the week in preparation for Sunday's long run. Something about the interval session on Wednesday really unlocked something as my MAF-paced runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday were significantly easier and smoother than they have been for a while. I felt so light and smooth. It was amazing.

Finished the week off with a slightly longer than expected long run and closed off the month with my highest total ever: 508km. I'm really getting into a good groove now. Lets just hope it lasts until the end of September and I start to really see the results in the races before then.