Week in Review: 28 Mar - 3 Apr '16

I managed to hurt my back again on Sunday evening like I did in February before I went to Austin, but this time I know how I did it. Seems my back doesn't like me lying on my side with my upper body propped up on my elbow. Things were really painful on Monday when I woke up and still quite tender on Tuesday so I didn't run on Tuesday. It felt much better come Wednesday so I only lost out on a single day's worth of training.

Thursday I experimented with 6x 200m up-and-down intervals in which I sprinted up the hill for about 100m, promptly turned around and then ran fast back down the hill with about 2 minutes RI between each. I really started to notice the burn in my legs on the downhills from the 4th rep onwards and still felt the remnants of this session on Saturday's parkrun, which despite tired legs still ended up being the quickest of the year so far.

Yesterday I met my wife in town after she had her hair cut for lunch which then turned into a few too many afternoon/early evening drinks and the consumption of a very large and incredibly tasty double burger for dinner - alcohol makes makes wavering from my LCHF lifestyle so much easier 😊. It didn't end up being too messy an evening as we were home by 21:30 and despite the alcohol and carbs still managed to be up in time for today's run, though as is becoming too common, my sleep wasn't particularly good. Today's run however was.

Had my first experiment with testing out my own LCHF "gel" today by consuming a little sachet I made containing 1tsp almond butter, a pinch of salt and a teeny weeny bit of honey. Pleasantly palatable and my stomach took it without any problems. I think the calories helped towards the end of the run, though I may need to experiment more with when I take it in the run. Took it at 2hrs today which may not be soon enough when it comes to an actual race.

So despite hurting my back on Sunday evening, taking off an extra day and drinking way too much alcohol, this week ended up being a pretty good training week.