Week in Review: 28 Nov - 4 Dec '16

I had hopped to bump my mileage this week but thanks to tension and signs on pinching across the top of my back, I skipped my run on Friday. I didn't want to run with a possibly pinched nerve and prevent myself from racing on Sunday, as I've done in the past. This proved to be a good idea as whilst I don't think it was a pinched nerve this time, it did allow me to rest and relax my back and go into Sunday's race relatively fresh. But before we get into that, first the training.

I spent Sunday up in London getting my feet 3D scanned for my Vivobarefoot investors "reward" of a bronze cast of my feet. This ended up being a long day and a late night so Monday morning I wasn't up for very much. Just as well I've been keeping Mondays nice and easy and this was no exception.

Tuesday I hit my big hill for a hills session. Started off slower than last time in an attempt to keep my pace more consistent. I didn't succeed in keeping the pace consistent other than each rep was exactly three seconds slower than the one before. I also didn't do any more than before. That said, I did go into this session much more carb-depleted than the first session and I plan to do so for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday was a nice easy medium long run at MAF pace. This was a great run in the sunshine. Very relaxed and I found it really easy to remain within my MAF range.

Thursday I took my new trail shoes - the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail SGs - out for their first spin. Nice ride but I think I may have tightened the right shoe a little too tight as I ended up with a blister in my arch. Could also be new-shoe syndrome. I think I'll have to wear them in slowly to give them time to expand and relax.

It was also pretty cold and I suspect I may have been tensing my shoulders, hence the pain in my upper back on Friday morning, which meant no run for me.

Things were feeling much better on Satuday morning. Not 100%, but good enough for me to know it wasn't the pinched nerve issue I've experienced before. Enjoyed a nice easy run along the Thames.

Sunday was race day. I ran the Mapledurham 10, a very hilly 10 mile run around the hills of the Mapledurham estate and surrounding area. I started off waaay too quick and probably put a bit too much effort into the big hill just before 6k mark. I eased off a bit along the flatter bits but kept up the pace.

I was passed by two guys when I grabbed a water at the second water table which was entirely my own fault. I was expecting someone to hand me the water but they didn't. I was also passed on the final descent when the guy that finished immediately ahead of me tore down the hill at a rate of knots. The only thing missing from his descent was waving arms and a crazy scream.

This was a fantastic run. Nowhere near as muddy as it could have been and it was great to have a bash around the Berkshire countryside on a beautiful cold Sunday morning. It also gave me a new route to use on my longer training runs.

So whilst I'd have liked to top 100k this week, I'm glad I took it easy when my back hurt. I'll see if I can bump my mileage next week instead.