Week in Review: 3 - 9 Oct '16

This week was another light week of training with a fair amount of bingeing. I was in Amsterdam for a work mini-summit so ended up eating a fair amount of really good food on the company's dime. I tried to keep this low carb as best I could but didn't succeed.

I started the week with all the best intentions and enjoyed a very easy relaxing run through Vondelpark and Rembrandtpark. I was pleasantly surprised to feel pretty well recovered and was quite eager to get training again.

Given how well Monday's run went and how well I felt I decided I'd do an interval session in Vondelpark on Tuesday morning. This session went really well and I hit my target pace on all repetitions without too much effort.

The rest of the week was a bit of a write-off. I didn't run Wednesday morning as I didn't sleep very well on Tuesday night as I started to feel the onset of a cold and I was very limited for time in the morning. During the course of Wednesday my sinuses became more and more sensitive resulting in an even worst night of sleep. I did however get out for a short run to see if that would help clear things and make me feel better. This did a pretty good job of improving my mood and clear my head and I think it helped me feel better for the rest of the day.

No run on Friday as I was travelling back to the UK, Saturday was a write-off thanks to waaaay too much beer and then I went out this morning for a long run.

This morning's long run was really enjoyable out in the cool crisp autumn sunshine though it was a little harder than expected, but that's not too surprising given the amount of crap I've been eating and the little running I've been doing over the last two weeks.

My right sacroiliac is feeling a bit tender and this seems to be transferring to tightness down the back of the leg. This is probably inflammation from all the crap I've been eating so will need to be good for the next two weeks, especially to make sure I don't have another terrible race like Berlin.

Now you may be wondering why? Well, after Berlin not going quite to plan - I'm still writing this up - I thought I'd see if I could find another marathon nearby that I could have another go at. I won't be gunning for 2:45 as the route is slightly more undulating and I don't want to put any pressure on myself for this run. Instead, I'm going to go for sub-3 hours. This shouldn't be too much of an effort and will give me the good-for-age time I may need at some point next year.