Week in Review: 31 Oct - 6 Nov '16

I'm in San Francisco this week for a much needed visit to HQ but more importantly for the Ragnar Napa Valley relay. For the uninitiated, it's a relay in which teams of twelve (or six if you're an ultra team) run a winding and sometimes scenic 200-ish miles from San Francisco to Napa all in the name of fun.

This year is my third year and once again it was a load of fun and once again we did better than in previous years. This year we crossed the finish line first, but thanks to the staggered start times, we currently find ourselves finishing in 16th place out of 333 finisher in a time of 24h38m32s. Pretty impressive stuff and definitely worth me making the trip as the ringer and only non-US resident in our team.

Other than Ragnar, I've mostly been resting, recovering, socialising and drinking too much beer which means I only got out twice, both of which were very easy runs along the Embarcadero as I couldn't be arsed to do anything more. This isn't a bad thing. It's only two weeks since I ran the Chelmsford marathon so I really should still be recovering.

I'm still in SF for part of this week and then off to Cincinnati for four days and then back to SF before flying back to the UK so I don't imagine I'll be getting in much running this week, but hey, who cares? This is still recovery time.