Week in Review: 4 - 10 Jul '16

Started this week off a little on the sluggish side. I was expecting this after a relatively large week last week and waaaaay to many beers over the weekend, especially Sunday evening 😊.

Monday I got in my two recovery runs and as predicted they were sluggish. Monday night the Mrs and I went out for dinner for our 8th wedding anniversary and thanks to going a little "large" on Sunday had a rather gentile evening. I didn't sleep too well and the sluggishness prevailed on Tuesday morning. To go with this I woke up with a scratchy throat: the first tell that I may coming down with a cold.

I did my planned run with 8k at between 15k and 21k pace and whilst I stuck within range, I really should have been towards the bottom end but struggled to keep in the top end. I also worked out that I've been wearing my right luna sandal a bit too tight as the top of my right foot really started hurting right where the strap goes.

Wednesday things didn't get much better and I started to feel the effects of the cold taking effect. Nothing major or the normal tells of a stuffy nose or sensitive sinuses, just the lethargy. Managed to get out for my run, but it wasn't very enjoyable and it was a real struggle to remain within my MAF zone.

Things culminated with Thursday being a real "couldn't be arsed" day. Whilst I wasn't feeling crap and unable to work, I was lacking energy and really couldn't be bothered with anything. Normally a run kicks me out of this state but I decided against it as this could be my body telling me it's time to take the potential cold seriously so I took the day off and went for a walk instead.

Things improved a bit on Friday, but not much. Still felt a bit flat but at least it was easier to maintain MAF pace. I slept like a log that night, except for a small coughing fit at about 2am. I got in a solid 9 hours sleep and woke Saturday morning feeling sooooo much better. Went out for an easy run which was much more what I'm used to and it felt great.

Last night was once again a bit of a 💩 night for sleep. Had a coughing fit at about 1:30am and then a racing mind for a few hours only to be woken by the alarm. I remained strong though, turned off the alarm and hauled my arse out of bed for today's long run. I'm glad I did. It took me about 20mins to loosen up and get into my stride, but once I did, it was plain sailing until the last few hills on the way home.

It was a really enjoyable run in the drizzle despite the sudden onset of erratic behaviour from my right earphones. I suspect a bit of drizzle got into the works. Oh well, another pair of cheap earphones for the bin. I really need to get myself a good pair of water resistant comfortable earphones; seems the cheap ones really don't like all the elements I subject them to.

Despite fighting a cold and ending the week feeling much better than the start, I still managed to knock out a big mileage week which ended up being only a few short of what was originally scheduled.

Next week it's the second Yateley and I'm also off to Colorado Springs for the company shindig on Sunday morning. I plan to hit the trails for Sunday's long run.