Week in Review: 5 - 11 Dec '16

This week started off with good intentions. I had planned on bumping my mileage up to about 110-120km and was bang on target until Saturday afternoon.

The week started off nice and easy. My legs were a little tired from Sunday's race in the hills so I kept things nice and easy. Tuesday I hit my little Sweethoogte for three relatively consistent reps before the tiredness from Sunday's race set in. Wednesday was a good medium long run with Thursday and Friday relatively easy and then I had a few too many on Friday evening. This turned into a late night and a late rise, so no parkrun, but I did get out for a hangover run, which on reflection was probably not the best idea.

Saturday's run started off surprisingly well and I managed to tick over at a pretty good pace and felt really good, despite having a hangover. However the tension in my back between my shoulder blades grew and I finished the run feeling pretty tense in my upper back. As the day wore on this turned into the excruciating pain I've experienced in the past. This in turn meant I could barely move my upper body come Saturday evening, sleep was almost non-existent Saturday night and there was no way I was going to run on Sunday morning.

I'm not entirely sure what causes this problem with my upper back, but I'm starting to think it may be a combination of being tired, dehydrated, tired, hungover and running in the cold as I seem to recall all of these being a factor the last time I did this to myself.

Going to have to take it easy this week as I'm racing on Sunday and I don't want to miss out on that due to a sore back.