Week in Review: 7 - 13 Nov '16

Not much of a running week this week. More of a travelling week. Went for a nice long easy tourist run in the sunshine on election day as very few people were around and the weather was gorgeous. I then jetted across America to Cincinnati for RubyConf.

Whilst in Cincinnati I only got out for a run twice: once for the RubyConf 5k (I blitzed the field) and then again on the afternoon of the last day of the conference in which I did a tourist run and visited Kentucky twice in the same run. 😁

I'm not too concerned about not getting in much running this week. The days were long and tiring with all the work and conferencing and I really didn't have the motivation. Instead I opted for only running when I wanted so it didn't become a chore. I plan to pick things up again soon as I build my mileage for early next year, but I'd rather not force the matter and become stale too soon.