Week in Review: 8 - 14 Feb '16

Not much of a running week this week thanks to travelling to Austin, TX for work.

Thankfully my back started to feel better on Monday so I hit the recumbent bike in the hotel gym for 30 mins. This went well, though was incredibly boring, with no signs of back twinges. It still felt stiff, but not painful.

Tuesday I decided to test out my back on a run and it was lovely. Back still stiff, but not painful to run and there were no niggles after.

The rest of the week's runs were nice and easy. Whilst my back was feeling better, the stiffness led me to keep things light to prevent aggravating anything. Ran longish on Friday as I had all the time in the world. No run on Saturday thanks to landing back in the UK and jetlag and then Sunday's run was a write-off thanks to 13 hours of solid sleep and it being Valentine's day. Whilst my wife and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day, we do like to spend the day together and heading out for a 2.5 - 3 hour long run at lunch time probably isn't the best idea.

Next week will be interesting: a reverse taper ending in the Wokingham half marathon.