Week in Review: 17 - 23 Oct '16

This week was once again all about tapering. After my disastrous Berlin Marathon I sought out another marathon that I could take a second stab at to confirm my training had worked and that was the Chelmsford Marathon I ran on Sunday.

As it was a taper week all my running was really easy, either under MAF or within MAF. Unlike the taper week before Berlin, I bunged in two days of complete rest and this seems to have paid off really well.

I went into Sunday's race feeling very fresh and rearing to go. I'm in the process of writing a race report but suffice to say I had a fantastic race. I felt strong for most of the race and none of the problems from Berlin cropped up. Whilst I didn't get a sub-2:45, I did smash my PB by six MINUTES and three seconds and finished sixth overall in a chip time of 2:47:31. To say I'm chuffed is an understatement. I'm absolutely ecstatic about the result and feel vindicated that opting for a polarised approach was definitely the best thing to do.

I'm in the process of writing posts about yesterday's race and the training I did in preparation for Berlin which I extended by a month for yesterday's race so watch this space.